What is Samadhi City?

Samadhi City is an experimental newsletter aimed to help busy people cultivate a sense of inner stillness amidst the chaos of every day life.

Through intention and practice, we can maintain a base level of calm despite the chaotic environment we find ourselves in: both in a literal sense (a physical city with its noisy crowds and heavy traffic) and a metaphorical sense (the internet with its endless stream of content competing for our attention). Instead of having to wait until our next vacation or a meditation retreat to "reset", we can start improving our resilience right now, no matter where we are, and without uprooting our routines. 

The goal is to explore the philosophies that have helped generations of thinkers, artists, innovators, and leaders stay focused and thrive in their craft through the ages. We look at the timeless teachings from schools of thought such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Stoicism and put them alongside contemporary anecdotes to see how we can achieve a level of inner contentment that can hardly be rocked by the difficulties that life throws our way.

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word used in Buddhism and Hinduism to mean the perfect union of the individualized soul with the infinite spirit. In scripture, this state can be attained through deep, continuous meditation. The articles that follow will dive into practical frameworks which build upon its philosophical building blocks rather than mysticism or promotion of any one school of thought.

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About Me

My name is Nichanan (Nich) and I work in the blockchain industry as a product manager and software engineer. I started out producing educational content about cryptocurrency and related technologies on my personal website. But have since shifted to focus on how tech will help humans reach their potential, rather than novelty as an ends in itself.

I am originally from Thailand, grew up in the Middle East, studied in California, and am now back in my birth country. I’ve been exposed to many forms of mindfulness practices and spiritual beliefs in my life, but only recently have decided to be more intentional in finding out what works best for me, separate from any institutional religion or ideology. This mindset has given me the freedom to be more experimental and accepting of new ideas. Throughout the years I’ve also been writing long-form reviews of books that notably affect my way of thinking and living. I hope to riff on the ideas I encounter in my mindfulness reads in this newsletter as well.

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Finding inner stillness in the chaos of everyday life


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